Year 305 GD,

It has been over 300 years since the Great Discovery, when the Five Founders were believed to have been brought into being by the Great Gods of the Elements – Esoi, Odon, Innir, and Ykena – with the spirals of dust of the lands, mist of the Isoras Coast, and the fires from within the ground.  Each founder spread out upon this new land, each claiming their own region, one way or another. Since then, the regions have kept mostly to themselves with some internal conflict, but none as great as the conflict between the two major Founding Cities of Forthcwen and the Green Crystal Keep.  Their histories began with conflict, and so continued throughout the ages.

Now, there seems to be a war brewing in the near future, but both sides claim the other is instigating this fight.  This is causing forces to be garrisoned within the two major cities and leaving the lands lawless.  All the while, goblins have began to ransack the countryside, coming from unknown locations and killing the defenseless masses.  Unable to deal with both, the goblin dilemma has been left to fester and there is talk of revolt amongst the commonfolk.


Rise of Green Crystal Keep

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