Rise of Green Crystal Keep

Session 1

Spider Farm

Upo, 22nd of Jeha in the Year 305 G.D.

Just a normal day, amongst the hustle and bustle of the market district of the Green Crystal Keep; voices echoed about, enticing you to come buy their wares and maybe they'll get to eat today.  The main street leading up to the palace is lined with large, unusual statues, each having four faces and a large stone plate encrusted with a single green crystal upon their chest.  It seemed as if their eyes were always watching, or maybe it was just the guards that accompany each one.  The putrid smell overwhelmed the senses, to the point you can practically taste the waste that is slowly drizzling down the sloped streets.  Yes, such a typical large city.  Yet, above the basic slumliness of it all, the city is still quite a beautiful place with many things to offer. 

Cautiously entering the gates, many of the citizens towering above this halfling, Cade "Gallows" Greenbottle was looking for some basic ingredients he was having difficulties finding in the nearby forest.  Having spent all of his days outside, this bustling city was quite overwhelming.  In contrast, a traveling bard by the name of Blwchfardd Vomegodden strolled lively into the city, taking in all the sites, already feeling inspiration building in his bones.  His beautiful harp guitar spoke of his seeming wealth, but even the merchants avoided contacting him due to him constantly speaking to himself, the crowds giving him a wide berth.

Suddenly, a drench sweat man came running through the gates, running up to the guards and any person he ran into, screaming, "Help! I need help! The farm has been overrun by goblins! Please, will anyone help?!"  Hearing the word goblin, these two guests of the great city approached the man, asking for clarification.  "A half days journey,"  he said, "They came in the night. Slaughtered some of the men.  The rest were being herded into one the buildings. I barely made it out alive.  Will you help us?"  The two men agreed to help, reluctantly following in tandem behind the farmhand.

After an uneventful journey, they arrived around noon, seeing no goblins mulling about.  Carefully, they followed the brush along the outside, making their way to the nearest building.  Making careful observations, they saw the building was a stable, with two very frightened horses inside.  But no goblins.  Moving on, they discovered the main house, sliding through the window of a girls room, complete with pink walls and everything covered in lace and ruffles.  The room had been rummaged through, leaving not much of value.  The same could be said of the living room, but the owner's room had a creaky floorboard, hiding two boxes, at least one containing gold.

Finding not much else of importance, the group made their way to a third building, stumbling across the interrogation of the farm's owner, Ulayah by two goblins.  Making quick plans to route them out, they discovered an unexpected difficulty as the goblins retreated with their human prisoner to the dining hall, where any goblins not patrolling the farm were located, and sent them out to deal with these new intruders.  Despite the accurate bowmanship of the halfling and the multipurpose weaponry of the harp guitar, the two barely killed off 10 goblins before making a hasty, tactical retreat.

Character XP Gained/Total Gold Gained Extra Treasure
Blwchfardd (Bard) 85/318 - -
Cade (Ranger) 100/318 - -

Undistributed Wealth: 28 gp, metal box

Notes: Horse and pony were released into the wild, Ulayah and two interrogation goblins still at large, dormitories lit on fire


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