Rise of Green Crystal Keep

Session 3

(behind on my journaling, so quick summary)

Heading down into the spider pit, Blwch and Cade turn around to see that the elf had not followed them.  Blwch volunteered to clear a path and play some bardic music, while Cade followed behind.  First tunnel came across, lots of chattering, but unknown where the girl is, so they threw three shields into the tunnel, the third landing a hit on a spider.  5 dead spiders, an unconscious Blwch and elf (who was also in the tunnels, freed herself from her cocoon and came to help), and a new cat-like ally (who was in the same predicament as the elf) later, Cade then gathers his newly expanded party (no matter how temporary) to regain some semblance of health in order to continue their search.


wbTigress wbTigress

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