Rise of Green Crystal Keep

The Oracle and the Druid


Upo, 22nd to Gavrach, 25th of Jeha in the Year 305 G.D.

As the two adventurers realize they had bitten off more than they could chew, they hastily made their getaway from the farm.  Having been in this area in the past, Cade Greenbottle directed them both towards the Shrine of the Oracle, or at least where it was last time he was here.   The Oracle was known to answer questions posed by those who paid homage and to heal the wounds of the needy.  Blwchfardd had also heard rumors of this oracle, so they set out at once. 

A day's journey to the shrine, and yet they stumbled across two goblin warriors along their path.  Making quick work of them, even as weary as they were, the two men make it to the shrine, only to see a line already formed.  Leaving Cade behind, Blwchfardd walks to the front of the line, and schmoozes his way in front of a little elf.

(Totally a literary work of genius….)  Spent the night, day journey back, calmed horse previously released from the farm, circled around the same way at the farm, found the two goblins again interrogating Ulayah, killed both, rewarded for rescue, charged to rescue daughter.


(I will, of course, elaborate later)


wbTigress wbTigress

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