Ulayah Reyn

Spider Farm Owner


Ulayah Reyn is the spider farm’s owner. He is a 58-year old human, and immensely fat. He is mainly concerned with business and has a massive prejudice against anyone who asks him about spider poisons. He will refuse to deal in poisons from his spiders or to give any information about the subject. This can be to the point of hostility.

His only family, after the death of his wife, is his daughter, Heri Reyn. Her safety, and keeping her engulfed in riches, is of utmost importance, right after money of course.

Recently, his farm was overtaken by shadow goblins, several of his workers thrown into the spider pit and he was tortured for days. When a rescue was attempted, he lost his horses and one of his dormitories for his workers—damages he does not take lightly.

Ulayah Reyn

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