Deity Summary Table

Deity Alignment Domain
Ahdis Neutral Good Sun, Law
Dihdia Chaotic Neutral Luck, Trickery
Ephine Neutral Good Animal, Plant, Nature
Esoi Lawful Good Water, Good
Ienar Chaotic Evil Chaos, Destruction, Famine
Innir Lawful Evil Fire, Evil
Mifdon Chaotic Good Knowledge, Travel
Odon True Neutral Earth, Strength
Qyxmes Lawful Neutral Death, War
Umasis Neutral Evil Magic, Healing, Moon
Ykena Lawful Neutral Air, Protection

Across Sessa, people and creatures worship a great number of varied deities. Each entity included here includes the deities’ names, role, alignment, titles possibly known as, and a general description. The deity’’s symbol are shown accompanying their description.


The god of earth, Odon, is true neutral. His titles include All-Father, the Unmovable, and Ruler of All. Odon’s thirst for wisdom and knowledge supersedes his honor and will occasionally imbue this immortal collection of knowledge to those truly devote. As a god of knowledge and strength, his domains are Earth, Knowledge, and Strength and his devout followers often include those seeking knowledge, such as wizards or fighters who wish to protect it or bards on an epic quest to write a book. His favored weapon is the war hammer.


The goddess of water, Esoi, is Lawful Good. Her titles include The Nurturing Mother or The Steady Hand of Kindness. Her mild temperament often soothes the more brash side of her husband, Odon, but she allows for patience to bring about her desired outcomes and changes. Her domains include Water, Good, and Balance and her devout followers often include paladins, clerics, charitable bards, and monk orders. Her favored weapon is the trident.


The god of fire, Innir, is Lawful Evil. His titles include The Cleanser, Soul Warmer, or The Light The Dances and Bites. His domains include fire, evil, and purification. Those who follow him strive to purge the world of heretics and nonbelievers through the power of flame, such as fallen paladins/blackguards, knights, warrior priests, and sorcerers. His favored weapon is a spiked gauntlet or fire enchanted ranseur.


The god of air, Ykena, is Lawful Neutral. Her titles include The Unseen Fingers and The Dust That Blinds. Her powers can either quench or spread those of her husband, Innir, and she believes in the sanctity of vows. Her domains include air, protection, prophesy, and marriage. Those who walk along paths of healing, like clerics, or divination and protection, such as wizards and sorcerers, tend to be her devout followers, as so dome oracles, seers, midwives, priests, or anyone sworn to protect their charge. Her favored weapon is the sianghan.


The goddess of nature, Ephine, is Neutral Good. Her titles include The Protector, Preserver of Life, and Mother of Nature. She rides upon a Unicorn Pegasus and her very being is fused with nature-when she cries, her tears turn into trees, her laughter brings fawns into the world, and her anger brings forth wolves. Her domains include nature, animal, and plant, attracting devout followers among the elves, as well as those among the ranks of druid and rangers. Her favored weapon is a longbow.


The god of sun, Ahdis, is Neutral Good. His title is The Shining One. At birth, his twin sister, Umasis, was cosmically repelled and they can never be within five feet of each other without a natural disaster occurring. His domains include sun and law, which bring paladins and knights to become devout followers bent on enforcing laws with unwavering, merciless passion comparable to the sun itself. His favored weapon is the mace.


The god of war, Qyxmes, is Lawful Neutral and rides into battle upon a great dragon. His titles include The Darkness That Waits and The Silence That Hungers. When younger, he and his brother, Ienar, caused much mischief, ultimately resultin in the 90 Year War of the Gods. His domains include Death and War, attracting devout followers of all classes who thirst for battle or the nuances of death, as well as a specific sect of followers who strive to accomplish the impossible-the dragon mount. His favored weapon is the great sword.


The god of Chaos, Ienar, is Chaotic Evil. His titles include The Destroyer, The Master of Plagues, or The Evil One. During the 90 Year War of the Gods, Ienar attempted to stab his brother Qyxmes in the back, manifested from the sudden change of heart at the start of the war. His domains include chaos, famine, and destruction. His devout followers include anyone who is truly committed to evil and the spreading of destruction and misery throughout the land. His favored weapon is a cat-o-nine-tails.


The goddess of the moon, Umasis, is Neutral Evil. Her titles include The Ice Heart Queen, The New Tide, and The Merciless. Her domains include moon, magic, and healing attracting any magic user, especially clerics and wizards. Her favored weapon is the sickle.


The god of travel, Mifdon, is Chaotic Good. His titles include The Traveler or The Guiding Star. His domains include travel and knowledge, attracting followers who seek adventure and the collection of knowledge, such as monks, bards, and wizards. His favored weapon is a quarterstaff.


The goddess of luck, Dihdia, is Chaotic Neutral. Her titles include The Joker, The Sparkling Wit, and The Master of All That is Secret and Hidden. Her domains include luck and trickery, and is worshiped by scoundrels, such as rogues, tricksters, and assassins. Her favored weapon is the dagger.


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