Guild Guide

In Sessa, each of the four countries has its own guilds, with a few notable guilds reaching multiple, if not all, other countries.  These guilds unite those with common goals, motivations, and philosophies and provide structure and support as well.  Although most stand to further their own ideals, they will all unite to stand against a common enemy.  This is also true with the loosely structured guilds, as they come together for major altercations.  Belonging to a guild can occasionally entail responsibilities, but the rewards and support can also be just as high, if not higher. That being said, joining a guild is about loyalty, no matter the structure, and leaving a guild will cause one to lose all notoriety within that guild and his or her rank in a previous guild has no standing with any other guild.  But, one can join multiple guilds, as long as the philosophies don't clash and one has the coin.

Notorious Guilds

Traveling Alliance The Guildless  "The Amber Brotherhood"  "The Elite Shadow"

Guild Insignias

<u>Guild</u> <u>Insignia</u>
The Amber Brotherhood A tri-symbol of a flask, staff, and book
The Elite Shadow Eagle with wings holding a lunar eclipse
The Guildless Fox head within a circle within a diamond
Traveling Alliance Compass Rose


Guild Advancement and Benefits

As an adventurer allied with one or more of the guilds accomplishes feats of bravery (or not), he or she ears renown for those tasks that align with that guild's goals.  This is expressed in the awarding of renown points at the end of an adventure when reporting back to the guild.  Completion usually earns between none and two renown points, based on the level of interest to the guild.  Each guild can award different renown points to adventurers.  As they earn renown, they progress in the ranks of their guilds, granting them greater authority and additional benefits.

Guild Guide

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